The Mother Company

Prime Asset Ventures, Inc. (PAVI) is a synergy of essential-services brands that utilize state-of-the-art technologies and the best international practices to modernize communities, boost businesses, and enhance life.

PAVI was incorporated on August 18, 2011 as an investment and holdings company with a focus on building and developing community infrastructure. The company currently holds major investments in subsidiaries operating in a variety of industries, including power and water utilities, information technology and telecommunications. PAVI is 100% Filipino-owned.

By strengthening communities through providing and enhancing public utilities, telecommunications, and infrastructure development, PAVI aims to contribute to the Philippines’ constant pursuit of becoming a better-built nation. It seeks to create, maintain, and improve human connections within and between communities.

Kratos RES, Inc.

Ensuring a constant supply of power to commercial, residential, and industrial partners is a core business of PAVI. Kratos RES, Inc. (Kratos) is its wholly-owned subsidiary engaging in retail electricity.

Incorporated on May 8, 2011, Kratos is in the business of purchasing, supplying, and delivering electricity to contestable customers. As there are diversified customer needs, we deliver pricing schemes that are tailor-fitted to client requirements, giving them real-cash savings. With promoting energy sustainability at the heart of our business, Kratos will also venture into providing a broad range of comprehensive energy solutions to all its clients and partner communities, including renewable energy supply.

Kratos currently supplies retail electricity to its customers, most of which are malls, offices, complexes, and manufacturing facilities.

Kratos is a reliable, customer-oriented, and easy-to-deal-with power provider, helping to establish and expand your business.

We are a valued partner to our clients who have successfully switched to us, and whom we continuously serve through the years.



Being a subsidiary of a conglomerate like PAVI, Kratos enjoys a good position of financial strength, and benefits from the synergy of belonging to a holding company that also has business interests in other utilities. This also helps ensure that Kratos holds a good track record for arranging and honoring contracts and managing risks.


Kratos is in tune with the specific needs of its clients. We pride ourselves in being able to address their various needs by creating flexible and competitive solutions.


Kratos is present nationwide and is therefore able to address the needs of contestable customers wherever the grid may be. Also, because of Kratos’ end-to-end capabilities in retail electricity, we are able to secure the total energy requirements of its customers.



We represent our customers for the contractual relationships

between generation, transmission, and distribution companies.