February 13, 2021

     The month of February signals that the celebration of Heart’s Day is just around the corner. Out of a year’s 365 days, the 14th of February is remarkably special, particularly to those who are in a romantic relationship. This is rooted from the Western tradition that commemorates the feast of St. Valentine on the said date, which then coincides with an ancient Roman celebration of romantic love, called Lupercalia. When these two occasions were lumped together in medieval times, the date was still dedicated to St. Valentine, but it was the secular meaning and association with romantic love that happened to have been retained.

     Since then, every time February 14 comes along, there is a sudden bloom everywhere of vibrant red colors, flowers, chocolates, stuffed bears, and a plethora of gifts—as people believed that it is the perfect time to show their affection to their beloved.

Love Transcends

     Notwithstanding, “love,” in its essence, goes beyond the realm of just romance or eros. There also exists other types of love, such as those for one’s friends. This can be categorized as storge, according to the psychological model by Hendrick and Hendrick’s [1]. There can also be love for business endeavors and colleagues. This can be proven in one’s day-to-day life, given the existence of one’s relationships, involving genuine love, with different circles of people: family, partner, friends, relatives, and colleagues.

     Come to think of it, a wealth of literature, perspectives, and opinions have circulated for love classified as eros and storge since the link between friends and romantic partners are considered to be not only more readily relatable, but also more interesting. Nonetheless, with the pandemic upturning everyone’s relationships since last year even as there is a conscious and ongoing effort to try to return to normal as slowly and safely as possible, it has become just as important to understand the type of “love” that can exist in the workplace. With more and more people now returning to work—under more secure arrangements—it is crucial to provide organizations with best “love” practices that they can put in place, to flourish amidst this new reality.

What Love Does in a Workplace

     An article in the Harvard Business Review exploring the concept of “companionate love” as it exists in the workplace, showed that various research results all yielded the same conclusion: employees and workers who felt they were loved by their colleagues and the organization exhibit better performance and attitude towards their jobs.

     They look forward to go to work every day, and to collaborating with their buddies. They have developed trust and confidence that, come what may, their colleagues or the institution has their back. This results in better output, be it on an individual or team level. Employees likewise expressed that they are happier and more free, which are some of the reasons why they stay with their respective institutions. 


A “Work” to Remember

     The bottomline now for businesses and firms is how to create and inculcate a culture of love that emanates top–down. The American Management Association lists ways to carry employees and organizations into a mutually “loving” relationship,[3] some of which are:

     1. Promoting employee well-being. This could be done through the provision of various benefits to the employees. They render hard work so they deserve these merits, at least. 

     2. Motivating them to collaborate. Most tasks are best done via teams. This will also harness harmonious relationships between segments of the organization. Giving them the time and space to work on things together will complete the package. Most importantly, having some sort of “teambuilding” activities can also get workmates to know each other, their strengths and weaknesses, their sentiments, and of course, discover room for improvement. Achieving together means growing together.

     3. Giving Due Incentives. Among all workers, there will always be top performers. Given the current situation wherein companies have been cutting costs, salary increases might not be a valid option, as it could affect the longer run. Nevertheless, do not let your deserving talents be left unrecognized. Giving incentives will not do harm but might even let them feel special and develop loyalty.

     4. Considering their personal time. An individual’s whole day is never meant completely for work. They have their families and friends with whom they are meant to share time. A working environment that does not encourage overtime unless needed will enable them to revitalize and perform at their optimal state every day.




Loving amidst the Pandemic

     As the health crisis lingers still here in the Philippines, businesses have also been fighting, if not for growth, then at least for survival. Amidst this trying atmosphere, more and more emerging enterprises have also been trying to prove their love to their employees.

     Putting in place clever strategies to enable them to thrive, such as switching to retail electricity in order to cut costs and recalibrate their finances toward better and more pandemic-related employee benefits, is one of them. As reported by the Competitive Retail Electricity Market, a total of 2,089 contestable customers were registered as of the 2nd quarter of 2020.[4] With the lowering of contestability threshold by the end of February 2021, it is expected that the number of retail electricity customers will continuously grow.

     So, where is the love there? Reallocating monies from savings, toward efforts to retain and safeguard the employment of staff, is definitely proof of a company’s love for them. With retrenchments happening left and right, keeping one’s job is indeed a blessing and privilege. Likewise, visionaries businesses can use continuous savings—most especially on electricity costs—to engage in other, more creative ways to cultivate a workplace of “love.”

Let Kratos be Your String of Love

     With “powering emerging enterprises” at the heart of its operations, Kratos RES, Inc. has always been there, knowing its clients’ specific needs. As one of the frontrunners in retail electricity of the Philippines, it offers solutions that are tailor-fitted to the requirements of the businesses it serves, providing them with real cash savings. They also ensure that their customers will experience a hassle-free transition process, as well as customer-oriented services.

     Furthering its love not just for its customers but also for the whole nation, it also offers installation of solar panels on rooftops of commercial and industrial establishments, encouraging clean energy and efficiency.

     For more information on how Kratos can be your way of love, visit their website, Official Facebook Page, LinkedIn Page, or send them an email.